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About Me

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Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-10 a las 15.

Thank you for visiting my webpage, here is a little introduction to my career as a musician, composer and producer.


I am Lautaro Tesar, 29 years old Argentinian musician/composer/sound artist/sound techincian/drummer/improviser currently studying in my third semester at the Master Composition in the <Hochschule der Künste Bern>.

Since young I was already connected to the world of music, and at 11 years old, I started studying percussion in Buenos Aires. After my school graduation, I started traveling through Sudamerica to collect as many musical experiences as I could. The folkloric music composition forms and cultures are something that motivated me to explore and research different possibilities for making music.

After those experiences, I landed in Basel, Switzerland, where I was able to study one-year Audiodesing under the mentoring of Tomek Kolczynski at the <Hochschule für Musik Basel>. With the idea of strengthening my electronic musical composition forms and transdisciplinary experiences, I began to study Sound Arts at the <Hochschule der Künste Bern> under the mentorship of Michael Harenberg and Teresa Carrasco where I got my bachelor's degree. Focusing my thesis and compositional interest on the mixture of electronic sounds, acousmatic music, and alternative methods of composition with folk music and ethnomusicology. During this period I had the opportunity to do two internships where I was able to work alongside Daniel Dettwiller at <Idee und Klang> studios in Basel.

Nowadays I find myself studying for a master's degree in composition at the <Hochschule der Künste Bern> under the mentorship of Simon Steen-Andersen, Xavier Dayer, Benoit Piccand, and Gilbert Nouno where I am given the freedom to work with different types of artists and disciplines. Beside the study, I am currently playing the percussion and electronics in the band <Chiflapacu>. With the interest in the club music and under the pseudonym of <Tesarov>, I produce and play electronic music that oscillates between industrial and hard techno.

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