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Nuestros tres misterios

Composition for guitar, bombo leguero, voice, cello and live electronics

 16’ 30”


“I love the light, the river, the silence, and the stars (...) My land is made up, musically speaking, of three profound and valid mysteries. The mystery of the pampas and the great plain, the mystery of the jungle and the mystery of the Andes, of the mountains.”! - Atahualpa Yupanqui Is it possible to use traditional music as sound material for the renewal of electroacoustic music? After studying Argentine folklore through the work of Atahualpa Yupanqui, the composer proposes the idea of generating a musical creation from the mixture of folk sound material and contemporary acousmatic music. Join the journey where pre-colonial singing methods, folkloric instruments, alternative playing techniques and a recycled speaker orchestra mix to generate a renewal of folklore... or of acousmatic music?

Agustin del Pozo - Guitar / Dominique Hunziker - Voice & Percussion /  Yann Alhadeff - Cello / Lautaro Tesar - Composition and live electronics

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