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Sajnálattal köszönöm

Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-10 a las 15.35.19.png
Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-10 a las 15.34.56.png

Composition for three flutes, 8 loudspeakers, and live electronics

 14’ 10”


“It seems therefore that, in our age, modern music has developed along similar lines in countries geographically far away from each other. It has become rejuvenated under the influence of a kind of peasant(farmer)music that has remained untouched by the musical creations of the last centuries”-Bela Bartok Can we use live electronic as a compositional method for the renewal of folk music? Here is presented the third composition of a series of four studies in which the composer tries through rural musical material and electroacoustic compositional methods to generate a particular renewal of folk music. This third study is exposed through a trio of flutes interpreting Hungarian and Bulgarian folk melodies that are intertwined with sounds and effects programmed through computer music.

Fanni Zolnai / Andrea Goleva / Miki Yanagida - Flute / Lautaro Tesar - Composition and live electronics

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